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Ceramic To Metal Assemblies manufacturers Private

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As the technology's fast progress, conventional glass-to-metal seals can't meet the high-tech requests, so ceramic-to-metal assembly represents one of solutions, ceramic-to-metal assembly have a number of advantages resulted in a more robust, durable hermetic seal.
Shanghai Fine-Boon as the professional ceramic components manufacturer and brazing company, we worked with our metal machining partner closely, so we can make various ceramic to metal seals, we use our own-produced metalized alumina and outsourced metal parts for brazing . The ceramics are with high purity alumina with metallization treatment (such as Mo-Mn), then nickel plated for next brazing purpose. Also Sapphire and ruby are can be sealed with metal parts together, used for windows and viewports.
Shanghai Fine-Boon is engaged in ceramic to metal assembly in recent year with our customers' support. Now we get rich experiences, extensive knowledge and advanced equipments to make various ceramic to metal seals and assemblies gradually. We collaborate closely with our metal machining partners, so we can always provide one鈥搒top service from individual machined metal parts or ceramic parts to ceramic-to-metal brazed assemblies.
Whether your demand for individual ceramic parts or ceramic to metal seals is for sample or mass production, we will be gald to provide professional service for you. Our ceramic to metal seals get excellent performance in various harsh industrial environments.
Ceramic To Metal Brazed Assemblies
Precision Ceramic To Metal Brazed Assemblies
Industrial Ceramic To Metal Brazed Assemblies
Main Technical Parameters:
Product NameHigh Quality Ceramic to Metal Assembly with Tight Seals
Joint TypeBrazing in vacuum furnace
MaterialsAlumina with metallization, Nickel alloy parts, Cu-Ag solders
TypesConnectors, feedthroughs, windows, viewports
Vacuum DegreeUHV, Leak Rate: 锕?* 10 -10 mbar l/s
Tolerance+/-0.005 mm
ApplicationsElectronic Devices, Aerospace and Aviation Applications, Medical Equipments, Industrial Heaters, Vacuum furnaces
Advantages of Our Ceramic to Metal Seals:
Strong brazing between alumina and metal
High performance for insulation and shielding
Tight hermetic sealing in harsh environments
Competitive price with complex designs
One stop service with professional solutions
Typical Applications:
Advanced Electronic Devices
Aerospace and Aviation Applications
Defense Industries
Medical Equipments
Nuclear Equipment
Industrial Heaters and Various Furnaces
Terminating Power Cables
Different Purity Alumina Properties and Characteristics
Made by Shanghai Fine-Boon Company
PropertyASTM MethodUnitsAL74AL95AL95BAL96AL96PAL98AL995AL998AL998E
Alumina Contents - %-Al2O3 - %73.895.195.995.895.497.899.599.899.6
Gas Permeability--gas tightgas tightgas tightgas tightgas tightgas tightgas tightgas tightgas tight
DensityC 20-97g/cc3.033.653.683.713.683.783.883.913.9
Hardness-Mohs Scale999999999
Water AbsorptionC 20-97%000000000
Flexural StrengthF417-87psi35k45k51k52k48k57k49k55k50k
Tensile Strength-psi17k22k27k29k23k32k25k29k25k
Compressive Strength-psi200k265k300k300k285k325k310k325k310k
Elastic ModulusC848psi x106254446454550555555
Shear ModulusC848psi x106101819191920222222
Poisson's RatioC848none0.
C.T.E., 25 - 100掳CC372-96x10-6/掳C5.56.16.466.
C.T.E., 25 - 300掳C--5.876.
C.T.E., 25 - 600掳C--
Thermal Conductivity, 25掳CC 408W/m-K41922232129303030
Max. Use Temperature (Non-Loading)-掳F280030003100310031003100305030503050
Dielectric Strength (.125" thick)D149-97AV/mil225250250250250260270290255
Dielectric ConstantD150-98-7999.199.59.899
@ 1MHz
Dielectric ConstantD2520-95-N/A9.
Dielectric Loss @ 1MHzD150-98-0.00120.00060.00060.00040.00060.00060.0002<0.00010.0007
Dielectric LossD2520-95-N/A0.00090.00070.00070.00060.0005<0.0001<0.0001N/A
Volume Resistivity,D 257ohms-cm>1E + 14>1E + 14>1E + 14>1E + 14>1E + 14>1E + 14>1E + 14>1E + 14N/A
Volume Resistivity, 300掳C--4E + 105E + 121E + 123E + 121E + 118E + 111E + 133E + 12N/A
Volume Resistivity, 700掳C--2E + 091E + 122E + 111E + 121E + 109E + 105E + 126E + 09N/ACeramic To Metal Assemblies manufacturers